Who Is Jesus?

bible460Who is Jesus?  You will find all sorts of answers to this question.  So how can you find out the truth?  Well, the bible has 4 historical accounts about Jesus life called the Gospels. This would be an excellent place to start.  Read a Gospel – Matthew, Mark, Luke or John – and investigate who the real Jesus is for yourself.  When you read a gospel you will discover the incredible things Jesus did, the amazing things Jesus taught, and the astounding claims he makes about who he is.

Jesus is the Messiah, God’s promised saviour-king, he is God himself in human form and he came to save the world.  Come along to church and hear about who Jesus is, or ask a Christian friend, or both!  Check out the links below as you seek out the truth about Jesus.

What is Christianity?  Here you will find a brief 3-minute video that explains what the Christian faith is all about.

Tough Questions? Here you will find a link to a series of short videos where people attempt to answer the common questions people have about God, Jesus, the bible and other aspects of the Christian faith.