The “Why” of Holiness

Holiness Web PicAre you passionate about the gospel?  If you answered yes ask yourself this – are you as passionate about holiness?  After all, the gospel that saves is also the gospel that transforms.  As we begin a series on holiness we will ask ourselves –  how serious are we about seeking to grow in holiness?  The importance of this question will come into a sharper light as we will see how scripture declares that we have been saved to be holy, and that holiness is not an optional extra, but in fact necessary for salvation.  God’s grace, through the Holy Spirit, is at work in us to transform us into the people He has already declared us to be in Jesus – Holy.  So, are you serious about holiness?

To listen click the link below or to download right click on the link and select download/save as – The “Why” of Holiness