Revelation 4:1-5:14 – Worship The Lord: Creator and Redeemer

Revelation Web PicJohn’s Revelation really kicks into gear as he gets an invitation into the control of history – the throne room of God.  Revelation is showing us that behind the messiness of life that we see and experience, behind the struggles, trials, and sufferings that come to the followers of Jesus in this life – there stands the heavenly throne room in which the world’s Creator and Lord remains in complete and utter sovereign control.  It is this glimpse of reality that makes sense of our own.  And what does John witness happening before the throne?  Worship.  Worship of both the Lord God creator of all, and the Lamb who has redeemed the people of God.  Worship the is defining characteristic of life, both here and now, and in the new creation.  How is your worship going?

To listen click the link below or to download right click on the link and select download/save as – Revelation 4:1-5:14