James 4:13-5:11 – Jesus Is Coming

James Web PicWe all see the world through a filter (or many filters).  The way we perceive reality and approach life is coloured by the world-view glasses we wear.  Do you allow your life to be filtered through the multifocal lens of scripture? When you do, when the Holy Spirit opens your eyes so you can focus on the truth of God’s word, and see life through the lens of scripture, one of the big truths that should shape the way we see the world and live our lives is – Jesus is coming back.  One day Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead, and the key question James poses to us today is – Have you got your “Jesus is coming back” glasses on?

To listen click the link below or to download right click on the link and select download/save as – James 4:13-5:11