Isaiah 44:24-45:25 – God: The Man With The Plan

Isaiah 40-66 web picHave you ever had yourself convinced that something was going to happen because you thought it was God’s plan for your life? Has life then taken a turn down a dark road, where out of the depths of your pain you ask the question – Why? Have you ever felt like arguing with God over his plan? Thinking to yourself, “This is not the way it is supposed to be! God I thought you would…?”  This passage is an eye opener into the way God works. As we wrestle with the frustrations of trying to understand the “why’s” of life, this passage reminds us of one of the most comforting truths about our God. He is God and there is no other.  He has the plan in hand. He is in control!

To listen click the link below or to download right click on the link and select download/save as – Isaiah 44:24-45:25