Genesis 3:8-24 – Worship: A Matter of Life or Death

GenesisSin breaks relationship.  In Genesis 3 we see the results of humanity’s fall unfold.  Broken relationship with creation, broken relationship with each other, and broken relationship with God.  Humanity is broken, and our hearts are drawn away from the worship of the one true God to the worship of created things.  This only leads to one place.  The wages of sin is broken relationship leading to false worship, which ultimately leads to death.  What’s the solution?  Who can save us from the mess we have got ourselves into?  The wages of sin is death, says the Apostle Paul, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord!  Jesus restores that which was broken by sin so that we may be brought back into the true worship of the living God which only leads to one place – life.

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